WCA statement on apointment of Rick Perry as US Energy Secretary

14th Dec 2016

The World Coal Association (WCA) welcomes the appointment of Rick Perry as US Energy Secretary, and looks forward to working with him to advance energy and climate action policies.

Benjamin Sporton, Chief Executive, said: “Rick is an excellent choice and brings to this role, remarkable and broad experience; a deep understanding; and a belief that all energy sources are imperative if we are to reach climate targets and also meet global energy demands. We hope Rick will represent the interest and values of all who have a stake in the energy and climate economy. We look forward to working with the former Governor to press ahead with cleaner coal technologies and encourage investment in carbon capture and storage (CCS)”

The World Coal Association is a global industry association formed of major international coal producers and stakeholders. The WCA works to demonstrate and gain acceptance for the fundamental role coal plays in achieving a sustainable and lower emissions energy future.

“WCA maintains that investment in clean coal technology is more important than ever, as we all have an obligation to meet a well below 2 degrees emissions target. The global implementation of CCS and HELE technologies can only be realised through help from government subsidies that are readily given to other low-carbon emitting technologies, and we hope Rick will take a look at this as coal continues to play an important role in the global energy mix well into the future”, Benjamin Sporton added