WCA publishes recommendations from New Delhi conference

8th Nov 2016

On 18th October, 2016, the World Coal Association (WCA) organised a conference in New Delhi, India, to discuss innovation and opportunities in India’s coal industry.

The conference was hosted under the theme: Sustainable Energy Development: Opportunities and Innovations for Indian Coal, and was organised in conjunction with the Coal Preparation Society of India.

The event provided a platform for stakeholders to identify strategies and partnerships that will help India integrate sustainability across the entire coal industry while supporting the need for new coal technologies.

Also central to discussions was the need for policy and financial requirements for the deployment of cleaner coal technologies, pollution control and carbon capture and use technologies.

At the end of the deliberations, three key recommendations were agreed upon:

  1. Using its growing international influence, India – with the support of other coal stakeholders – should seek to promote the continuing use of coal in international/ regional forums and initiatives. This may include development of an international coal initiative.
  2. Indian coal producers, particularly Coal India, should seek to access opportunities from international expertise to ensure continuous improvement in safety and sustainability; this can best be achieved through cooperation with the World Coal Association.
  3. India should continue to promote improvements in thermal efficiency as a mitigation strategy by working with the WCA to support implementation of the PACE initiative