WCA & CNCA Member Letter


World Coal Association

Posted on

28 Oct 2020


WCA Members

As the world’s largest producer and consumer of coal, China has an important role in global coal dynamics.

Since the 1980’s, China has provided an excellent example of an electrification strategy based on coal, with a 400% increase in China’s coal consumption and 660 million people lifted out of poverty. Now, as it transitions to a less energy-intensive period of development, the country has become a leading example of the opportunities clean coal technology can provide in meeting the challenge of reducing emissions.

Our work programme recognises developments such as these and encourages partnerships to ensure these lessons can be applied elsewhere. China National Coal Association (CNCA) have long been major supporters of the WCA’s work programme. This week, WCA’s Chief Executive Michelle Manook and China National Coal Association’s Vice President Mr. Liu Feng wrote to members of the Chinese coal value chain encouraging them to join the collective effort of the WCA.