Reducing CO2 emissions

Low emission technologies exist which can make significant reductions in CO2 emissions from coal use. High efficiency, low emission (HELE) coal technologies and carbon capture and storage (CCS) are critical to meeting energy needs and our climate goals.

Moving the current average global efficiency rate of coal-fired power plants to 40% by deploying more advanced technology could cut 3 gigatonnes of CO2 emissions while allowing affordable energy for economic development and poverty reduction. Deploying HELE coal-fired power plants is also a key first step along a pathway to near-zero emissions from coal with CCS.

WCA is calling for concerted international effort towards large-scale deployment of CCUS across various sectors, including electricity generation, industrial applications and bioenergy.

To discover more about this key climate technology, read our ‘Driving CCUS Deployment: The Pathway to Zero Emissions from Coal’ report or explore the sections below.

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Photo courtesy of SaskPower CCS

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