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April 2018

Reducing CO2 emissions

There is a clear pathway to zero emissions from coal. This starts with low emission coal technologies and progresses to carbon capture use and storage (CCUS). High efficiency low emission (HELE)...

Apr 13th 2018

WCA responds to BHP announcement

The World Coal Association (WCA) is disappointed at BHP’s decision to leave the Association, based on one claimed material policy difference, given it was involved in developing our position on...

Apr 5th 2018

Extract magazine, Issue 4: Energy trends and the role of coal

With the title Energy trends and the role of coal, the fourth issue of WCA’s digital magazine has been published today. The issue compiles a number of articles, blog posts and press releases where...

Apr 4th 2018

March 2018

WCA responds to State of global coal fleet report

Chief Executive of the World Coal Association, Benjamin Sporton says: “Even from the report’s own analysis, operational capacity of the global coal fleet continues to grow rising 2% in the...

Mar 22nd 2018

Australia’s Yancoal joins WCA

One of Australia's largest coal producers, Yancoal Australia Ltd has become the newest member of the World Coal Association (WCA), the only body acting globally on behalf of the coal...

Mar 7th 2018

Industrialisation and prosperity to drive global energy demand

In its 2018 Energy Outlook, BP shows how growing industrialisation and prosperity will drive an increase in global energy demand and how that demand will be met with the most diverse energy mix the...

Mar 2nd 2018

February 2018

WCA responds to BP Energy Outlook 2018

Responding to BP’s Energy Outlook 2018, Benjamin Sporton, Chief Executive of the World Coal Association (WCA) said: Clearly, the world’s energy system is changing and there is an international...

Feb 20th 2018

WCA welcomes tax break for CCS technologies

The World Coal Association (WCA) has welcomed increased and extended tax breaks for companies that invest in carbon capture use and storage (CCUS) technologies in the United States. The provision is...

Feb 12th 2018

CCS is essential to climate change mitigation

IEA WEO 2017 Insights In our final “IEA WEO 2017 Insights”, we take a look at carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies and their role in achieving global climate goals. CCS is an...

Feb 8th 2018

January 2018

Southeast Asia’s electricity generation

IEA WEO 2017 Insights With energy demand growing at twice the pace of China, Southeast Asia is what IEA WEO 2017 calls “a rising heavyweight in global energy”[1]. In the IEA’s analysis,...

Jan 31st 2018