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September 2017

ACE & WCA are Partnering for Cleaner Coal Technology

Manilla – The ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) and the World Coal Association (WCA) signed today a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that formalises their long-term partnership during the ASEAN...

Sep 28th 2017

WCA Case study: Shenhua Group

The World Coal Association has published today a new case study from the Shenhua Group looking at how the company has researched and developed ultra-low non-CO2 emissions technology for its...

Sep 21st 2017

Is India ready to fully fund carbon capture technology?

Following a news report that India is ready to fully fund carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects, WCA Policy Manager, Liam McHugh, has been looking at what this means for India and the general...

Sep 20th 2017

Benefits of Increasing Emission Standards for Coal-fired Power Plants in ASEAN beyond Environment and Health

East Asia depends heavily on coal, given its abundance, as a reliable energy source. Coal use patterns around the region reflect the rising demand for electricity needed to power and steer economic...

Sep 12th 2017

Technology can help balance global energy challenges

I’ve been in Japan this week for the 2017 Clean Coal Day International Symposium, organised by JCOAL.  The Clean Coal Days have traditionally promoted modern coal technologies, notably, high...

Sep 7th 2017

World Water Week 2017

This year, World Water Week  is turning attention to water and waste management issues around the world with the theme “water and waste: reduce and reuse”. According to the UN, by 2025,...

Sep 1st 2017

August 2017

In a Paris Agreement world, coal will meet growing Asian energy needs

When providing 41% of the world’s electricity, 85% of global cement[1], 74% of the world’s steel[2] and 60% of the world’s aluminium[3], coal is justly considered an enabler of modern societies...

Aug 8th 2017

July 2017

WCA launches video series

The World Coal Association (WCA) has published a series of videos discussing major issues surrounding coal that considers the role low emission coal plays in energy security and economic development...

Jul 24th 2017

ASEAN’s Energy Equation: Call to action

ASEAN Energy Insights In the last article in our series of “ASEAN Energy Insights”, Liam McHugh, WCA Policy Manager, reviews the call to action that the report ASEAN’s Energy Equation...

Jul 20th 2017

Extract Magazine, issue 2: The future of energy in the ASEAN

The latest issue of Extract, WCA’s digital magazine, is now online and brings together published articles from WCA staff and third-party experts on the issue of the future of energy in the...

Jul 12th 2017