Installed Coal Generation Capacity by Country/Region

14th Sep 2015

The Installed Generation Capacity by Country/Region graph shows where coal-fired generation capacity is concentrated. From the graph it is clear that Asia, in particular China and India, has the most installed coal generation capacity in the world. This is unsurprising given the population of the region, but also reflects the hunger for energy in a part of the world that has for a long time struggled to connect people to the grid. China has succceeded in bringing electricity to 99% of its population over recent decades, and as more and more developing countries look to follow suit coal remains a popular energy source thanks to its affordability and reliability.

Other regions show a fairly stable pattern of generation capacity, with figures across Europe remaining fairly stable through to the 2030s and a slight dip in North America. Africa, one of the most energy starved regions on the planet also shows little change throughout this forecast.