India’s electricity generation

24th Jan 2018

IEA WEO 2017 Insights

In the third post in our IEA WEO 2017 Insights series, we review how India’s electricity generation has evolved.

According to the IEA, India’s electricity generation more than triples by 2040. The main driver of this is the country’s huge economic growth which in turn leads to an increase in urbanisation and infrastructure investment. The IEA predicts an increase in coal demand by an average of 3.2% per annum to 2040.

As the IEA WEO 2017 puts it “coal remains a key pillar of the power system in India”.

The graph below highlights India’s electricity by source. Coal clearly plays a significant role today and into the future. It is also clear that with such huge electricity demand, India needs all energy sources – it is not a choice between coal and renewables – both are needed and both will play a big role in the future.