Extract magazine, Issue 4: Energy trends and the role of coal

4th Apr 2018

With the title Energy trends and the role of coal, the fourth issue of WCA’s digital magazine has been published today. The issue compiles a number of articles, blog posts and press releases where WCA discusses the latest energy trends and how coal fits in global energy systems.

As we see older, inefficient coal plants replaced in Europe and the US by new, highly efficient ones in emerging economies like China, Southeast Asia and India, this issue looks at an array of energy trends and what they mean for these economies.

In India and China, in particular, coal provides more than 50% of the energy mix while electricity demand in Southeast Asia grows 2.4 times over the period to 2040. Across Asia, as the share of renewables in energy production grows, we see that they complement rather than displace coal.

This fourth issue also touches on carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies and their role in achieving global climate goals. With international bodies, such as the International Energy Agency, forecasting a role for coal to 2040 WCA strongly supports policy parity for CCS alongside all low emission technologies.