Extract magazine, issue 3: Technology contributions to fighting climate change

16th Nov 2017

The third issue of Extract – WCA’s digital magazine – has been published. The new issue brings together published articles from the WCA, third party experts and senior industry figures on how technological advancements are helping to mitigate climate change and achieve the Paris agreement goals.

Modern low emission coal technologies are proven, commercially available today and represent significant steps towards carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), which is vital to meeting the long-term objectives of the Paris Agreement. These modern coal technologies, namely high efficiency low emission (HELE) coal, can reduce CO2 emissions from coal by up to 35%.

CCUS can capture up to 90% of CO2 emissions produced as a result of electricity generation and industrial processes, preventing the CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

This third issue takes a look at CCUS in India, the growing energy needs of ASEAN, technology and and growing energy demand, alongside a number of other articles.

Extract digital magazine features curated content from the ‘News and Opinion’ section of the WCA website and is an opportunity for readers to get a deeper understanding of WCA’s analysis of key issues.