Extract Magazine, issue 2: The future of energy in the ASEAN

12th Jul 2017

The latest issue of Extract, WCA’s digital magazine, is now online and brings together published articles from WCA staff and third-party experts on the issue of the future of energy in the ASEAN.

The delivery of affordable, sustainable and reliable electricity is paramount in improving living standards and supporting economic development – and this is true across the ASEAN region. WCA’s recent report ASEAN’s Energy Equation, which was co-authored with the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE), highlighted that the region has a population of more than 629 million people and continues to experience high economic growth, demographic changes and industrial development. Testament to that growth is the assessment from the International Energy Agency (IEA) that over the past 25 years, ASEAN energy demand has increased by over 150%[1]. There has been an undeniable transition in ASEAN economies toward coal-fuelled power generation: the share of gas in electricity generation declined 5% between 2010 and 2014, while the share of coal in the same period rose from 27% to 34%.

In this issue learn more about how coal can be an important guarantor for sustained growth in the ASEAN region and ensure economic development. Find out more here

Extract digital magazine features curated content from the ‘News and Opinion’ section of the WCA website and is an opportunity for readers to get a deeper understanding of WCA’s analysis of key issues.

[1] International Energy Agency (2015) Southeast Asia Energy Outlook, Paris: OECD/ IEA .pg.30