The environmental benefits of HELE coal for the ASEAN region

15th Jun 2017

ASEAN Energy Insights

In the second in our series of ASEAN Energy Insights, Liam McHugh, WCA Policy Manager, reviews the environmental benefits of deploying high efficiency low emission (HELE) coal technologies in the ASEAN region.

With the use of coal projected to continue to grow over the coming decades, a cleaner coal technology pathway is necessary if international climate objectives are to be met. 

The new WCA/ASEAN Centre for Energy report ASEAN's Energy Equation highlights how cleaner coal technologies – particularly HELE – can reconcile international commitments to reduce CO2 emissions with the economic priorities of generating affordable and reliable electricity.

While ASEAN is already making a transition away from older, less efficient subcritical stations, towards HELE coal-fuelled facilities, scope exists for even greater gains. The table below demonstrates the CO2 savings that could be achieved by moving the planned and under-construction coal-fuelled power fleet in ASEAN to deploy the most effective HELE technology. Our analysis indicates that this could lead to an emissions reduction equivalent to taking 157 million cars from the road. 

HELE technology also ensures that coal is part of the solution to the Paris Agreement for ASEAN.

ASEAN’s Energy Equation, co-authored by the World Coal Association (WCA) and the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) is available to download here.