Comments from WCA CEO Benjamin Sporton on the Petra Nova launch

10th Jan 2017

“Because coal will continue to be central to global energy, carbon capture and storage (CCS) is vital. The Petra Nova milestone is a big deal for a low emissions future. This is one huge step which we hope will lead to further support and deployment of the  technology. It’s essential to recognise that accelerated CCS development and deployment is critical to meeting the 2 degrees climate target. The IEA forecasts that 12% of emissions reductions by 2050 must come from CCS. CCS therefore needs the support and attention at global and national levels.

More investment in CCS today will ensure that more countries can meet their growing energy needs and simultaneously reduce global emissions. CCS is safe, reliable, cost-effective, and efficient – reducing emissions from coal power production by up to 90%”, says World Coal  Association CEO, Benjamin Sporton