Comments from Benjamin Sporton, WCA Chief Executive on the IEA WEO Special Report on Southeast Asia

9th Oct 2015

Key findings from the IEA World Energy Outlook Special Report on Southeast Asia:

  • Driven by economic and demographic change, Southeast Asia’s energy demand has increased by more than 50% between 2000 and 2013.
  • Demand is projected to grow by 80% from today to just under 1100 Mtoe in 2040, driven by a regional economy that will triple and a population that will grow by a quarter to 760 million.
  • By 2040, coal will overtake oil as the largest energy source across Southeast Asia.
  • The report has also shown that across the region, coal use is growing, with countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, in particular, turning to this affordable, abundant energy source to fuel rapid electrification.
  • Given the projected growth of coal across Southeast Asia, more must be done to encourage the adoption of high efficiency low emission coal technologies.

Comments from Benjamin Sporton, CEO of the World Coal Association:

“As we approach COP21, it’s essential that we recognise the reality of growing coal use in many regions of the world and work to ensure coal is used as cleanly as possible through the use of low emission coal technologies. This report is a reminder that for many regions of the world, coal will continue to be the dominant source of electricity for years to come, and underscores how vital it is for us to fast-track the deployment of high efficiency low emission (HELE) coal technologies across the region.

“HELE coal technologies available today can make huge improvements in the environmental performance of coal-fired power stations. Increasing the average efficiency of the global coal fleet from 33% to 40% would save us two gigatonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to India’s annual CO2 emissions.

“In fact, earlier this year the WCA launched a Platform to Accelerate Coal Efficiency (PACE) to work with the global community to raise efficiency levels across the global coal fleet. We will be working with the IEA to support the deployment of high efficiency low emissions coal throughout the region.”