Coal in the NDCs

15th Mar 2018

A key part of the Paris Agreement are the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), the plans countries have submitted, which outline how they will meet their Paris Agreement targets.

These national plans are as diverse as the economies of those nations. That means in some cases countries have chosen to focus on forestry, automotive emissions standards, scaling up renewable energy, efficiency in energy consumption and reducing the role of fossil fuels in their electricity mix.

However, there are 24 countries that have identified a role for low emission coal in their climate pledges as a way of working towards their Paris Agreement targets. These countries, collectively, are responsible for more than 50% of global emissions.

WCA has put together a document detailing the NDCs of these countries.

For them, coal is an abundant, reliable and affordable fuel that can help in providing the necessary energy to support economic development. These economies are industrialising and urbanising at a rapid rate and so affordable, reliable electricity is essential and for many it is coal that will continue to provide that electricity.

Climate change and energy are not competing priorities. With deploying low emission coal technologies, these countries can use coal more efficiently to reduce emissions. Using modern coal technologies will give these countries the opportunity to improve energy access without sacrificing their climate priorities.