CIAB publishes new report on CCS deployment

15th Nov 2017

The Coal Industry’s Advisory Board (CIAB) to the International Energy Agency (IEA) has published a new report "An International Commitment to CCS: Priority Actions to Enable CCS Deployment".

The report examines a specific suite of policies and incentives that would stimulate the private sector and government to reach the required CCS deployment rate.

Research focuses on the US, the UK, Australia and China, which are key countries in terms of their overall emissions. They can also provide policy lessons for other governments. These examples show that commercial-scale projects of first-generation CCS technology can work. Deployment of the next generation of projects will require governments to put well-designed policies in place, public and private banks to finance projects, and industry to drive project development and technical innovation. The report suggests that government and industry need to work together to develop projects that distribute risk and cost in a way that is consistent with the level of public and private benefit achieved.

The report builds on the 2016 report titled “An International Commitment to CCS: Policies and Incentives to Enable a Low-Carbon Energy Future” which outlined the coal industry’s recommendations on the policies that will support the growth of CCS.