What WCA does

The World Coal Association is the only organisation that works on a global basis on behalf of the coal industry. The WCA is the global network for the coal industry.

The WCA represents industry leaders, committed to building a sustainable future for global coal and plays an active role in achieving our worldwide economic and environmental aspirations for clean coal usage, technology, and innovation. Our global members seek to promote collaboration, demonstrating that the key to a clean coal industry lies in a balanced, agnostic global policy environment that is inclusive of all fuels and all technologies.

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One united voice

Becoming a member

Membership falls into two broad categories:

  • Corporate Members - are companies engaged in the production, sale or use of coal, or manufacture of equipment used for the same.
  • Associate Members - are not-for-profit industry associations, research bodies and other stakeholders who can join the WCA for a nominal fee.



We lead the conversation in demonstrating coal’s essential contribution to the world and support the rights of all markets to choose coal.


We promote investment in coal mining and clean coal technologies in developed and developing economies to deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


We demonstrate a commitment to a low emission future and work with governments and investors to create a level playing field policy framework.


As a collective, we work to motivate and mobilise our industry, uniting to build a sustainable future for the coal industry.

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