About WCA

The World Coal Association is a membership association, representing the coal industry at the global level.

WCA’s membership is global in nature, covering all major coal producing and consuming regions and incorporating many of the world’s largest coal producing and allied companies, alongside national associations. WCA works to secure the long-term sustainability of the coal sector, bringing together stakeholders to help the industry respond to the challenges it faces, encouraging innovation, and supporting members to be industry leaders. We represent our network of members globally through advocacy, research and events. 

The WCA has four core strategic objectives that shape our work.

1. Influencing and engaging - Strengthen our influence by engaging global thought leaders and policy makers in rational, data driven debate to position the coal industry as responsible and progressive.

2. Powering economies - Demonstrate that coal plays an indispensable role in addressing energy poverty, supporting urbanisation and delivering economically competitive energy to support modern economies in developed and developing countries.

3. Meeting environmental challenges - Demonstrate that global climate ambitions can only be achieved with significant international support for cleaner coal technologies.

4. Building sustainable societies - Demonstrate that coal production and use contributes to the development of prosperous and sustainable societies.

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