There are many misconceptions about coal and its environmental impact. Many believe that the use of coal is incompatible with meeting the challenge of climate change. We disagree.

The World Coal Association, together with the Polish Ministry of Economy, has developed ‘The Warsaw Communiqué’ to outline practical steps that can be taken to tackle climate change and allow coal to continue to play its role as an affordable, abundant, easily accessible source of energy.

Technologies exist which allow coal to be used and climate impacts to be minimised. It’s imperative that these technologies are deployed as widely and as quickly as possible. This is a role not only for industry but for governments, development banks and the international community.

Three-Step Call to Action

The global coal industry is calling for urgent action to support and deploy technologies that help to meet the climate challenge.

The Warsaw Communiqué includes a three-step call to action:

  1. We call for the immediate use of high-efficiency low-emissions coal combustion technologies, wherever it is economic and technically feasible at existing and new power plants, as an immediate step in lowering greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants around the world and a necessary milestone towards the deployment of carbon capture utilisation and storage technologies once demonstrated and commercialised.
  2. We call on governments to set an ambitious pathway, before COP20, to move the global average efficiency of coal-fired power generation plants to current state of the art levels and to support R&D efforts to further improve the efficiency of coal combustion technologies.
  3. We call on development banks to support developing countries in accessing clean coal technologies, including high-efficiency low-emissions coal combustion technologies.

If you agree that clean technologies should be deployed as widely as possible and that coal should continue to play a role as an affordable source of energy, please endorse The Warsaw Communiqué.